7 Stunning Emerald Green Polishes That Are Christmas in a Bottle

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best emerald green nail polishesElegant and mysterious, emerald green nail polish is one of my favourite colours. It’s far more interesting than a traditional green, but it’s most suitable as a night time statement nail look rather than a day-time manicure. During Christmas however, it gets green lights all the way! From day to night – wear it on it’s own or as a part of any nail design to add a festive touch to your manicure.

Here’s 7 stunning emerald green nail polishes for you to wear right now:

1. ORLY Mermaid Tale, $8 here.

Emerald green glitter bomb. Perfect for glitter gradients (like the below) and accent nail manicures (like this).

orly mermaid taleEmerald green Christmas nails with orly mermaid tale

2. OPI Amazon… Amazoff, $5.25 here.

The bright emerald creme with teal undertones, perfect for any kind of nail art or on it’s own. Swatches by Nailderella – see full review here.

OPI AmazOn...AmazOffOPI AmazOn...AmazOff_swatches 2

3. MINT POLISH Czarina, $12 here.

The stunning cool emerald green metallic. Looks particularly great mattified. Full review & more photos here.

bright emerlad green nail polish - mint polish czarina

mint polish czarina

4. SEA SIREN Mystical Atlantis, AU $15.95 here.

The warm emerald green micro shimmer with gold, turquoise and green particles. Perfect for gradient manicures or matte looks.

sea siren mystical atlantisemerald green nail polish sea siren mystical atlantis

5. ISADORA Emerald Crush, EURO 8.90 here.

The beautiful emerald green textured nail polish with a subtle duochrome effect. 3D Christmas trees? Yes please! Full review & more photos here.

isadora emerald crush Isadora emerald crush

6. ORLY Smoked Out, $ here.

One of a kind matte dark emerald green shimmer with gold and green glitter particles. Added bonus, it also looks great glossified. Full review & more photos here.

orly smoked out - matte emerald green polishElegant Christmas green and gold nails

7. MARC JACOBS Sally, $18 here.

A luxurious darkmerald green nail polish with duochrome effect, the colour shifts from emerald green to black. A must-have for any emerald lover!

marc jacobs enamoured sally dark emerald green nail polish marc jacobs enamored sally

Well, these are my all time favourite emerald green nail polishes.

Now, over to you!

What’s your favourite emerald green nail polish?

– Maria, xx

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