summer makeup essentials

Makeup is a powerful thing. I strongly believe that a fairy who transformed Cinderella into a beautiful princess was in fact a makeup artist (and a bit of a stylist too). The transformational power of makeup borders on being magical. Plus, with a bit of makeup, you can create fantastic looks that compliment your nails! We Read more

best nail care products 2013

In so many ways 2013 was a very busy year. For instance, to compile the 5 Best Top Coats, 5 Best Cuticle Creams and our other product lists we had to test drive hundreds of products. Some were great, some were ok and others so effective they’ve become our personal favorites. So here they are Read more

clarins age control hand lotion

Everybody wants to have beautiful, smooth and young looking hands. We’ve talked a lot about cuticle care and manicure routines, now it’s time to discuss the importance of hand care. It’s obvious – a flawless intricate manicure will lose it’s appeal on dry and rough hands. Hand creams are one of those products that often Read more