Project Try All The Untrieds 2019: You’re Invited!

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project try all the untrieds 2019

As promised, today I explain what the project Try All The Untrieds 2019 is about and why you should join it too!

It all began during my last spring clean of the SoNailicious HQ. Twice a year, usually during the holidays I conduct an extensive re-organization of my nail polish collection and nail art supplies. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw some of the action. The last spring clean revealed that I have accumulated a significant number of nail lacquers (both purchased myself and PR samples) that I have not tried even once. In nail polish community, such colours are called untrieds.

With new collections launching almost every week, it’s impossible to keep up. That’s why a few years ago, I limited acceptance of PR samples – only the products that I knew I would feature on SoNailicious.com were accepted. However, even this policy did not solve the issue as my untrieds stash continued to grow.

Because that the worst offender is… me! As a nail artist I have a soft spot for bright colours and mesmerizing shimmers, so I can not walk pass an interesting colour. Plus, all the rare and exotic nail polishes that I have been acquiring during my travels. I tend to collect things and I like to try new things. That, plus my love for nail polish resulted in me accumulating over 3,000 nail polishes in the last 5 years. 20% of them are untrieds! SHOCKING.

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So this year I decided not to purchase any new nail polish until I try all the nail colours that I have already purchased. First of all, because I’d like to reduce my human imprint and become more eco-friendly. I want to promote conscious shopping, rather then uncontrollable consumerism. And the best place to start is to become a more responsible, conscious shopper myself.

Also if you think about the amount of work that goes into each bottle of nail polish, all the materials and resources… I believe each of these bottled wonders deserve to be seen! If the resources have been used to create these lacquers, than I need to make an effort to use them.

Plus, there are A LOT of beautiful colours in my stash that deserve to be seen! I still have Gucci lacquers purchased in Abu Dhabi, a few beautiful Pupa lacquers from Italy, some fun Russian brands and several more rare international brands, plus, limited edition colours from Chanel and Dior as well as fabulous indies… So this year along with reviews of selected new collections (PR samples) – you still would love to see new lacquers from your favourite brands, right? – expect to see some untried wonders on SoNailicious.com! Both, as reviews and of course, nail art designs.

So this is the project Try All The Untrieds 2019! I really hope you like the idea and will join me on this Try All The Untrieds quest. It’s good for you (save space and money) and great for the environment!

Now, over to you!

How many nail polishes do you own? …and how many of them are still untried?

Do you have an effective system to manage your untrieds? Share in the comments below!

– Maria, xx

P.S. I would love you to join the Try All The Untrieds 2019 action! Its’ pretty easy, just try any of your untrieds or create a nail design with them and post a photo on Insta, FB or Twitter with a hashtag #tryalltheuntrieds2019. I look forward to checking out what treasures you have hiding in your stash ;)

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