gradient nail art

If you’re looking for an easy yet impressive looking manicure idea, this geometric gradient nail art is for you. Nail art brushes are great but nothing compares to good old striping tape for accuracy and speed! Oh sharp corners and perfectly straight lines, how I missed thee. The geometry and muted colours of Roman architecture inspired this Read more

glitter gradient purple nails by @sonailicious

March 2015 will be full on here at SoNailicious. We’ve got exciting new features coming in addition to our regular tutorials and interviews, plus there’s two huge announcements to make! Today’s manicure pretty much sets the mood for March. This nail art carries an important message. Remember our Stop The War peaceful protest? The support Read more

pastel nails, ombre nails

It must be the influence of Easter. Suddenly instead of the usual bright and contrasting colours I had a compulsion to try pastel nails. Something light like fairy floss and barely there like a day dream. The result was these ombre Pastel Candy nails. To create this look, refer to this Summer Sunset Ombre nails tutorial Read more

3d love hearts easy valentines day nails

While experimenting with some new nail art embellishments, I decided to stick a few pieces of fimos on my nails  and voilà, an entirely new look was born. How easy was that? My nails suddenly went from a simple gradient to a Valentine’s Day extravaganza. Really, what says Valentine’s Day more than love hearts? Later I Read more

best gradient nails, ombre nails

After the gradient extravanganza we had on SoNailicious this week, we continue the theme in today’s nailspiration post. Though, some may call this type of nail art an ombre*. In any case, the subject is not the actual gradient/ombre effect but what you can do with it later, what kind of toppings you can add Read more