Manicure Tips

glass nail file, best nail file for your nails

More than just a quick fix for nail emergencies, nail files play an important role in keeping your nails smooth and healthy. Traditional emery boards, steel nail files or glass nail files…. we all have one sitting in the bottom of our hand bag or in our drawer. Is there a difference? Is one more superior than Read more

how to file nails, oval nail shape, filing nails

By popular request, today I’m sharing my best tips and tricks for filing your nails and how to get the perfect oval shape! In this video I show how to file nails quickly and without damage. If your nails are dry, brittle and prone to breaking, you will find this tutorial particularly useful. I share Read more

how to dry nails fast

So how do you dry nails fast? I’m about to reveal a mind blowing trick that professional manicurists use daily yet few nail art enthusiasts know about. This fail-safe method will allow you to dry a plain manicure in 2 minutes and thick multi-layered nail art in less than 5 minutes. No more smudged manicures just Read more

How to Make Manicure Last Longer

Just applied that polish and bang! What have you done to deserve a horrible fate of a freshly-painted, yet chipped polish? WHY?! Why now? Right before that big date/best party of the year/important meeting/I just really liked that manicure! I bet it was due to one of the small yet fatal mistakes we’re talking about Read more

tips for long nails

You can grow stronger and longer nails too. It’s not all about genes but about nail care! Today Atima Bhatnagar, NemoNails, whose strong and long nails are some of the most well known in the world shares her best nail care tips for long nails. Enjoy! – Maria, xx 5 Top Tips For Healthy Long Read more