Easy Makeup Ideas

10 gold makeup ideas

Party season is the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner glitterati and wear gold… not just on your nails! There are dozens of ways to incorporate gold into your makeup, from super easy looks like gold glitter eyeliner to more complex makeup, like the black and gold smoky eye look, for example. So here’s Read more

makeup ideas spring 2015 milan fashion week

Have you ever tried to DIY makeup look that you’ve seen on a runway? Of course, some of the haute couture beauty isn’t suitable for everyday life but usually there are still plenty of make-up ideas that can easily be adapted. For instance, this year there were so many stunning yet wearable looks on the Read more

Blue nails

Blue is most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness and confidence. Did you know that the search for the perfect synthetic blue colour lasted almost 300 years? Before that, it was exclusively produced from grinding minerals like lapis lazuli and azurite. So there were no blue nails in Ancient Egypt. There most certainly are blue nails now! And Read more

summer 2014 Makeup trends

Attention fellow nail polish addicts! This isn’t just another unattainable Haute Couture summer 2014 makeup trends article. Instead, we show you some of the best trends that you can actually adopt for real life. These makeup looks are quick and easy to re-create, no advanced skills required. Plus, it’s likely you already own the products required Read more

nails makeup karlie kloss

Ever since Kate Moss’ interview with Rimmel where she said to match nails and lips is “a big no-no” I’ve been conflicted. Kate is an authority when it comes to fashion. Whatever she says about personal style or makeup is probably to be right but… that just didn’t sound quite right. How beautiful is the Read more