Half Moon Nails

new years eve nails

You may have noticed I’m a huge fan of edgy and minimalist nail designs with a twist. So when deciding on a design to farewell 2015, I created a sleek semi-sheer nude manicure with black half moons and rose gold studs. Hence, the name for these New Year’s Eve nails – ‘Embellished Nude’. The initial idea was to have just Read more

half moon nails tutorial

Half moon nails or the Reverse French manicure, is one of my favorite nail designs. It’s versatile so it suits any nail shape or length and it also allows for a lot of experimentation. You can do anything from loose glitter half moons to tiny edgy half moon details. If you’re good with a nail Read more

Collistar nail polish review and swatches

Is Italy on your must-visit list? It totally should be! Everyone knows it’s a capital of fashion, heavenly food and picturesque holidays but did you know it’s also a nail polish paradise? As detailed in my first Italian polish post, there are dozens of fantastic local brands, great prices and a truly ah-mazing selection of colours! I Read more

half moon manicure tutorial mint polish

Like classic French nails, a half moon manicure has a limitless number of variations. For instance, the shape of the half moon detail can be anything from tiny edgy moons  to a classic oval. You can also play with textures, the moon detail can be done in loose glitter or kept bare, i.e. negative space Read more

half moon manicure

The Half Moon manicure is a timeless classic. Also, it’s the starting point of so much inspiration, I could easily come up with another 30 half moon based nail art designs. Today’s look is an easy one, that anyone can do – as long as you have a striping nail brush and know how to Read more