gold and black

raffian manicure

DAY 23 – Ruffian nails I first spotted Ruffian nails while reviewing New York Fashion Week 2013 beauty reports. The strange ethereal beauty of this manicure made me want to try this look. It’s simultaneously the easiest and the most difficult nail art I’ve done so far. It is unforgiving because if you make a Read more

french manciure with glitter

DAY 14 – Starry Night Black French Manicure The French manicure is another type of nail art that looks fantastic on short nails. Plus, there are so many different designs you can do in addition to the classic nude shades or the more contemporary French nails with neon tips. This time I opted for a Read more

matte top coat, essie power clutch

Here is the second part of the Gothic Moon nails experiment. A Matte top coat transformed the extra glossy manicure into a velvety subtle chic look. As the texture of the manicure changed the whole perception of the look changed. You’re no longer distracted by the gloss so the pattern really stands out and the Read more

Polka Dot Day Nails

I simply couldn’t wait to share this manicure which was specifically created for International Polka Dot day! It’s definitely one of my favorite nail art designs so far. A favorite combination of colours paired with some favorite patterns and topped off with glitter – triple win! Despite looking impressive, these polka dot nails are quite Read more