Ruffian Nails

ruffian manicure, nail art ideas with dior cosmopolite polishes

If you had the entire Dior Cosmopolite collection at your disposal could you resist creating nail designs with it? Me either. It all started with these swatches. The colours looked so great together that I started creating different designs with them. I was aiming for elegant and edgy nail designs that would highlight the beauty of Read more

elegant christmas nails Ruffian nails

Looking for some elegant Christmas nail ideas? You’ll enjoy this chic green and gold Ruffian manicure. This easy nail design is a great alternative to traditional festive manicures. Particularity, if your nails are short and/or you have no time for intricate nail art. Another great advantage of these elegant Christmas nails – it’s suitable for Read more

ruffian manicure with picture polish bonkers and douceur

Sideways Ruffian nails are a great alternative to the classic Ruffian manicure. It’s chic and so much easier to do! No special nail art skills required, just make sure you have stencils and a detailing brush. For this design, I used the new Picture Polish colours – Douceur amd Bonkers purchased during our recent trip Read more

By learning a nail art technique used to do theses Ruffian Ikat Nails you’ll be able to create nail designs as funky as Madeline Poole nails. Or, at least you can get very close. No special skills required, just a pair of scissors and a pack of nail strips. I bet you do have a Read more

raffian manicure

DAY 23 – Ruffian nails I first spotted Ruffian nails while reviewing New York Fashion Week 2013 beauty reports. The strange ethereal beauty of this manicure made me want to try this look. It’s simultaneously the easiest and the most difficult nail art I’ve done so far. It is unforgiving because if you make a Read more