Foil Nails

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It’s been almost two years since I tried nail foil for the first time. If you need to refresh our first (slightly painful) encounter in your memory, here it is. Since then the situation has changed dramatically, from barely managing to get that stubborn foil to stick to my nails I’ve progressed to the level Read more

foil nails how to

Foil nails look so effortlessly chic in their shining glory. Who knew foil was so tricky to use?! One tiny mistake and your manicure is ruined. The foil can refuse to stick and lift the polish up, and even if you’ve somehow managed to stick it on your nail, a top coat can shrink those Read more

opi push and shove review swatch

To say we are excited about the newest OPI Gwen Stefani collection is an understatement, we’re elated! All of the shades look fantastic but the most interesting in our opinion is the silver chrome OPI Push And Shove. This outstanding shade, like OPI Liquid Sands, could result in a whole new generation of chrome polishes. Let’s find Read more