Golden Globes

golden globes 2016 awards best nails

It’s that time of the year, Golden Globes time! So, true to SoNailicious tradition (see the Golden Globes 2015 and the Golden Globes 2014) we’ve turned 6 of the 2016 Golden Globes’ best dresses into nail art. Enjoy! 1. Amy Adams in Versace. I’m a big fan of both Amy Adams and Versace and when the Read more

Golden globes 2015 best dressed nails

Why would a nail art enthusiast watch the Golden Globes? The celebrities, their nails? Nope. Unfortunately most celebrities are quite conservative when it comes to red carpet manicures so I watch it for one reason only, to get some nail art inspiration! Big award ceremonies are amazing in that sense because only the best dresses make it to the Read more

the golden globes 2014 nails dresses 2

The Annual Golden Globe Awards is one the most glamorous events of the year. A-list celebrities with all their dreamy gowns, flawless make-up and perfect hair… A fair bit of inspiration can be taken from watching these shows. I’ve always said fashion is one of the best sources for nail inspiration and big award ceremonies Read more