Nail Strengthener

treatment for damaged nails, mavala nailactan review

Do you have dry, brittle or damaged nails? Then this nail cream is just what Doctor SoNailicious ordered. Drum roll… Mavala Nailactan! If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’m a huge fan of this Swiss nail care brand. They have so many fantastic specialised nail care products that I love Read more

mavala mava strong review, the best nail strengthener

Do you have weak brittle nails that just don’t grow? Then read on as I’m about to introduce you to a product that will put all of that into the past. Drum roll… Mava-Strong! After extensive research and testing Mavala, a Swiss brand famous for their innovative and highly effective nail care products, have launched Read more

10 Best Nail Strengtheners

How do you make weak nails grow, and brittle nails stop flaking and breaking? The answer is… nail strengtheners, of course! Apart from the obvious, they can also work as a good base coat and make your nails look a lot smoother, polish dry faster and your manicure last longer. Personally, I’m addicted to Orly Read more

opi nail envy review

“My nails just don’t grow,  I’ll never get nails are long as yours!” How often do we hear that? Surprisingly, if nature didn’t grant you with long and strong nails, it’s quite simple to fix. Just start using a great nail strengthener and take vitamins! We’ve already featured two of the nail strengtheners that really work Read more

6 weeks, that’s exactly how long it took me to re-gain strong and relatively long nails. While travelling for 2 months my nail strengthening routine was in hiatus. It had an immediate effect on my nails. They were dry, prone to breaking and impossible to grow beyond shorties. After travelling i was test driving numerous Read more