Tutorial: Negative Space Christmas Tree Nails

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negative space christmas tree nails
If you’re looking for an unusual, chic and easy to do nail design, you’ll enjoy these Negative Space Christmas Tree Nails. In this nail is a symbiosis of two of my favourite looks  – negative space and geometric. Just add a Christmas vibe to all this and the perfect Christmas manicure is born!

Well, technically you’d also need a washi tape to build the Christmas tree shapes and 5 dark, sparkly nail polishes for this mani. And, don’t leave negative space part completely bare, lay it over with one coat of transparent nail polish with subtle glitter to make your manicure more festive.

The design is pretty easy, no line-work required but you will need patience while cutting out and sticking triangles on the nails. But the end result is worth the washi tape struggle! If you are short of time or patience, just do one or two accent nails.

So without further ado, let’s see the how-to!

You will need:

  • Subtle glitter nail polish
  • 5 nail polishes – from dark green till dark blue – for ombre effect
  • A base coat and top coat
  • Washi tape
  • Tweezers

christmas tree nails tutorial


1. Paint a base coat. Next apply 1 layer of a transparent glitter nail polish and allow your nails to dry completely.

2. Cut a square piece of washi tape and place as pictured.

3. Then cut 2 triangles – one bigger, other smaller. Use tweezers to put them in the right place. Make sure to put each triangle a little bit overlapping the previous one, it will help later to take them off easier. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on all nails.

4. Choose 5 different nail polishes, which make ombre from dark green till dark blue.

5. Now work one nail at a time. Paint the nail with polish, then carefully remove the tape with tweezers. Repeat it on all nails.

6. Allow 10 minutes for your design to dry, then apply clear top coat. Done!

negative space christmas tree nailschristmas tree nails, picture polish cosmoschristmas tree nails tutorial

Used: OPI Nail Envy, Essence Let Stars Rain Down On Me, Picture Polish Kryptonite and Cosmos, A England Saint George and Tristam, Essence I Love My Blue Jeans, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat.

So what do you think about this modern Negative Space take on classic Christmas tree nails? Keen to give it a go?

As always, if you try this tutorial, make sure you show us your creations! We’d love to see you work – Tweet or Instagram us a photo with the tag #sonailicious.

– Elina/NailScope

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