9 best instagram editing apps

In our last Instagram Tips article, we listed some of the best apps to make your photos look beautiful. This week’s post is dedicated to the best apps for adding special effects, such as white space, lens flares and even unicorn horns (if you wish so!) to your photos. Here’s the best 9 Instagram editing Read more

6 best instagram photo editing apps

Last week’s Instagram Tips article received such positive feedback that we thought we’d share more of my Insta-secrets. One of the most frequently asked questions is “What filter or what app do you use to edit your photos?” The answer is not straightforward because I use a lot of apps and a lot of filters. For instance Read more

Last week we were looking at how to watermark photos in Photoshop. This week we’re showing you our best 5 iPhone apps for watermarking photos. Getting an app for watermarking is particularity relevant if your Instagram account is growing fast and you want to strengthen your branding  or if you simply want to protect your work Read more