Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Peep, marc jacobs Good friday swatches review

Have you seen the new Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 nail polish collection? You’ll want these colours! But it’s not just about the colour, even though they have no dupes, it’s about the excellent formula and Instagram-worthy packaging. Remember when Marc Jacobs launched his own eponymous beauty line back in 2013? They were an instant hit Read more

best emerald green nail polishes

Elegant and mysterious, emerald green nail polish is one of my favourite colours. It’s far more interesting than a traditional green, but it’s most suitable as a night time statement nail look rather than a day-time manicure. During Christmas however, it gets green lights all the way! From day to night – wear it on it’s Read more

emoji nails

Like any social media addict, I love emoji. They help to express the feelings in the faceless world of technology and they add a touch of cuteness. The recent emoji update was an exciting event for any Instagram lover and not too bad for nail art enthusiasts as well. I don’t yet have any inclination to try Unicorn nail art Read more

Rose Gold Nails marc jacobs gatsby

It started with Pink Champagne.. or was it Gatsby or maybe this rose gold styler? Either way, right now I’m loving all things rose gold. Rose gold nails look beautiful on lightly tanned skin. Since it’s summer in Australia and we spend almost every weekend at the beach I can confirm this. So on another Read more

Marc jacobs daisy dream nail artMarc jacobs daisy dream nail art

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, why so pretty?! Simply irresistible, in fact! Nail art-wise too. Same as with my first Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight nails, I took a cue from the actual packaging and translated the daisy pattern into a nail design. The new Daisy Dream fragrance though is lighter, fresher and more delicate and I Read more