Editor’s Note: What’s the secret behind flawless cuticles?  I’ve already shared my cuticle care routine and explained in great detail why caring for your cuticles is essential but there’s always something new to learn! So today our knowledgeable contributor and an experienced nail technician, Gena del Portillo shares her top 5 tips for flawless cuticles Read more

jurlique love balm review for extra dry skin

Allow me to introduce our little friend, Jurlique Love Balm. While usually I’m pretty low maintenance with my hand care routine, ie. hand cream, cuticle oil and occasional masks, sometimes this is just not enough to keep your hands in a tip top condition. Like the recent SoNailicous HQ move! Packing and unpacking dozens of boxes Read more


After announcing a new “Ask SoNailicious” feature, I received a few interesting questions that I’ll be answering over the next few weeks on SoNailicious, every Sunday. Today I’m answering one of the most common questions – how to fix dry cuticles with hangnails. Our reader, Christine asks: “…no matter how much cuticle oil/creams and hand Read more

what is cuticle, cuticle care guide

Our Essential Cuticle Care Guide would be incomplete without this post about the cuticle itself. What is cuticle? While the answer seems to be so simple, many of us call a cuticle what is in fact the Eponychium! And that’s where all the problems start. Because if we don’t know what and where it is Read more

healthy cuticles

Now that we know why it is so important to take care of cuticles properly, here’s some fundamentals of cuticle care. Following the below steps will ensure your cuticles will be soft and healthy and as result, your nails will grow strong and evenly. Note, looking after cuticles is easy and it does not require Read more