Anti Ageing

younger looking hands, how to make hands look young

You can make your face look younger with makeup, dye your hair to cover the greys but what can you do to improve the appearance of hands? Well, actually quite a lot if you start early! This may not be a huge concern when you’re 18 but believe me, when you pass 25, your concerns start Read more

clarins age control hand lotion

Everybody wants to have beautiful, smooth and young looking hands. We’ve talked a lot about cuticle care and manicure routines, now it’s time to discuss the importance of hand care. It’s obvious – a flawless intricate manicure will lose it’s appeal on dry and rough hands. Hand creams are one of those products that often Read more

Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat

Guess what product all Essie manicurists have been using to prep models nails during New York Fashion Week? Right! Essie Ridge Filling base coat. Why? Because it instantly makes nails look healthier, fills ridges and results in a perfectly even finish. This base coat is our personal favorite too. While we do look after our Read more