Australia Day

green and gold australia day nails

It’s that time of the year, Australia Day is upon us! Tomorrow we’ll go to the beach, throw shrimps on the barbie and say “Rippa!” to this blessed land DownUnder. But today, while time still allows, the nail art loving part of the Australian population (including myself!) will likely be adding symbols of Australia on their Read more

Aboriginal art australia day nails tutorial

This year’s Australia Day nail art is a tribute to Indigenous Australian culture. There are a lot of things to love and celebrate about Australia: beautiful beaches, sunshine, cute native animals like koalas, the Great Barrier Reef and so on. But there is also a dark, sad side to the history of our country, namely Read more

8 best australia day nails ideas

Australia Day is on this weekend so this is the perfect opportunity to tell you more about this fantastic country (via nail art!). If you’re Australian you can just enjoy your fellow Aussies’ nail art talent. Here are 8 Australia Day nail ideas that are not only inspirational, they’re educational: Koala Nails (by SoNailicious): Another native Read more

australia day nails, cute koala nails

Sometimes when I write about Australia I feel like an early explorer telling tales about an unknown paradise. I wasn’t born in Australia and for me, even after spending over 8 years here, it is still an exotic land. I see 2 perspectives of this place, one of someone to who Australia is unknown and that Read more