Short Nails

pastel negative space nail art tutorial

Negative space nail art have become a classic look. There was a time when they were exclusively worn by nail art enthusiasts but now this look can be seen everywhere. I estimate about 80% of the nail designs at this year’s New York Fashion Week were negative space. It’s not surprising that negative space manicures are taking over – they’re so easy Read more

short nails, elegant nail art

Just in time for the weekend, here’s an evening manicure idea for short nails. This elegant dark red and gold design is based on a Gothic Moons manicure I did a while ago. I wasn’t too optimistic it would work, but I gave it a go and it’s actually perfect. The light gold edgy half moon details Read more

minimalist nail art for short nails

More nail art for short nails! This time I went for a linear minimalist nail art. It is very easy, if you have a great striping nail art brush and it suits nails perfectly as vertical stripes visually elongate your nails. The trick is to keep the lines as thin as possible to accentuate the elongated Read more

paisley nail art for short nails

For Day 2 of our Nail Designs For Short Nails series, I’ve decided to attempt paisley. I’ve always wanted to try this print and after seeing these fabulous Paisley Nails, I thought it shouldn’t be a problem with my new short nails. Truth to be told, it was a bit harder than I expected. So Read more

nail art for short nails

I’m a firm believer that regardless of how short your nails are there is always room for nail art. Some nail art even looks better on short nails than on long. So when, on a recent rainy day, I had to file my nails much shorter than planned* I decided to turn it into a Read more