5 best hand lotions, hand creams

If you’re as serious about your hand and nail care routine as I am, you’ll enjoy this XXL-size hand cream compilation. While these hand creams are incredibly effective (I’ve tried them all), they are economically great (the bulk savings principle) and multi-functional. Most of them act not just a hand moisturizer, but also as a Read more


  In so many ways, 2014 was an amazing year. It was a year full of firsts. For the first time I ran a nail art workshop and held pop-up nail art salon. I also tried hundreds of new nail polishes and dozens nail care products. Some were hot, some not and others blew my Read more

jurlique love balm review for extra dry skin

Allow me to introduce our little friend, Jurlique Love Balm. While usually I’m pretty low maintenance with my hand care routine, ie. hand cream, cuticle oil and occasional masks, sometimes this is just not enough to keep your hands in a tip top condition. Like the recent SoNailicous HQ move! Packing and unpacking dozens of boxes Read more