Nail Art Tips

how to apply nail stickers

By popular request today I’m sharing my best 8 tips on how to apply nail stickers, flawless and quick like a pro! But before we proceed, let’s get one thing straight – nail wraps and nail stickers are two different things. I often see people confuse the two, so to make it clear, here’s the Read more

nail art essentials for beach vacation

Going on holiday sometime soon? Whether it’s a full on tropical vacation or just a weekend away, your passion for nail art doesn’t have to suffer while you’re travelling! Quite the opposite, you can use all this free time to do more nail art, without spending hours inside your hotel room. Here’s the list of Read more

nail art mistakes, nail art tips

Making mistakes is an essential part of learning and perfecting your skills. In nail art, where there is no set rules or handbook, you learn by trying new things and figuring out what works. With that in mind, today I’m sharing 8 mistakes I used to make. Read on so you don’t have to make Read more

nail art, nail art tips, how to improve your nail art

So, you have a great nail art idea in your head and then you’re trying to bring it to life and… it’s a failure. I know the feeling. I’ve done that too. SO. MANY. TIMES. Until I’ve discovered a few simple principles that now allow me to execute almost any nail design flawlessly. Today I’m Read more

how to fix chipped nail polish, how to fix nail regrowth

So you just got a shiny new manicure and you like this nail colour so much you want to keep it on forever. But then ‘Snap!’ and it chips. Or, your manicure survives the chipping but nail regrowth is too obvious. Fear not, nail art warriors, there are a few quick ways to cover it Read more