wedding nails

Wedding Nails

Here they are the wedding nails! A bit different from a traditional bridal manicure, but our wedding was anything but traditional! Instead of a flowing bridal gown I wore white leather paired and short hair with white and blue accessories. So naturally I opted for an edgy nail design for my wedding nails. Our official wedding Read more

ombre lips 12 styles

Ombre has been one of the main beauty trends for about 3 years now. First, ombre hair, then ombre nails and now we have… ombre lips! If you’re following any beauty blogs or makeup artists, you’re likely to have seen this daring lip look before. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like something you’d wear Read more

pastel nails, ombre nails

It must be the influence of Easter. Suddenly instead of the usual bright and contrasting colours I had a compulsion to try pastel nails. Something light like fairy floss and barely there like a day dream. The result was these ombre Pastel Candy nails. To create this look, refer to this Summer Sunset Ombre nails tutorial Read more

dior perle trianon review

So the object of our desire has become a reality! Due to it’s unique colour and mattifying qualities, it didn’t take long to convince myself that the limited edition Dior Perle Trianon nail polish simply had to be mine. It didn’t disappoint. This entire rainy weekend was spent layering it over different polishes and discovering the various Read more

beach nail art palms nails

Today’s stormy beach nail art is a homage to Cairns, a tropical beach holiday town located in North Queensland, Australia. You may remember a couple of months ago I made a quick trip to Cairns. It is famous as a holiday and wedding destination with pristine blue waters and nice weather. However for the duration Read more