dance legend malta 89 review, teal nail polish

I fell in love with Dance Legend Malta nail polishes at first sight. Any nail polish addict will understand what I’m talking about, when you see a colour that appeal to you so strongly that you can’t resist it. That was the case with the Malta collection for me. Muted, dark cremes with not just Read more

pink glitter nails, dance legend

As much as I love glitter nail polish, I often find challenging incorporating it into nail art designs. The main reason – most of thick glitter nail polishes are so pretty you don’t want to diminish their sparkle. So when this stunning Dance Legend pink glitter was first applied, I was tempted to leave it Read more

caviar nails

As promised, here’s just a quick preview of the two bonus designs that you’ll get in the 30 Easy Nail Designs ebook we’re about to launch. Anyways, here are the 2 bonus nail designs! 1. Pretty In Pink Caviar nails. There is much more you can do with caviar beads than just an accent nail manicure Read more

pretty purple nails

DAY 21 – Purple Rain chevron nails Chevron nails are one of my favorite types of nail art. Why? Firstly, because there are endless possibilities for colour combinations. Chevron nail art will look equally good in pastels as well as in bright shades (like this one). Secondly, it looks great on short nails or long Read more

chevron nails don't mess with me

In nature yellow and black cover the animals you don’t want to mess with. Colour theorists have recognised this and advertisers have used this to represent strength and power in advertising and logos. We just wanted to try chevron nails and thought it was a nice colour combo to accentuate with silver glitter. The result Read more