This Nail Polish Is Autumn In a Bottle!

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colorflecks dark fog halloween nail polish

Looking for a new Autumn nail colour? I’ve go you covered, meet ColorFlecks Dark Fog! This chic dark grey shimmer will surely make Autumnal blues disappear. In the direct sunlight it shines bright like a precious jewel, and turns into a mysterious vampy shade with a subtle hint of sparkle when in shade.

In case you’re unfamiliar with ColorFlecks, it is a new nail polish brand created by the famous Russian nail blogger @kate_cuticle and yes, it’s made in Russia with lots of love. Much to our pleasure, ColorFlecks ship internationally, so we all have a chance to indulge in Kate’s stunning creations.

Today I show you one of my favourite colours from the new Halloween Trio (pictured below) – Dark Fog. While all three nail colour deserve your attention, I picked Dark Fog simply because I have never seen such an interesting nail colour before. And, I’ve seen a lot of nail polish in my life!

This stunning dark grey creme with gold and pink shimmer looks absolutely stunning on nails. While cool underdones make it look incredibly flattering, the vibrant shimmer adds the necessary touch of fun to the otherwise typical Fall nail color. Clearly, I’m quite impressed by  ColorFlecks Dark Fog, and how can you be now?! Take a good look at the photos of swatches below!

Make sure you read my review below to find out if there are any Dark secrets hiding in this shimmering Fog ;)

autumn nail colour colorflecks dark fog

new autumn nail colours colorfleckscolor flecks dark fog halloween nail polishnew autumn nail colours colorflecks


Finish/Colour: A highly pigmented dark grey nail polish with a bright pink shimmer. Only 2 thin coats ensure fully opaque coverage. Pictured 2 coats without a top coat.

Formula: 3-free, extremely long-lasting and non-staining.

Application: Pretty good! ColorFlecks Dark Fog yields in a flawless streak-free coverage, which is fantastic for a shimmering nail polish. However, the brush is a bit tricky to use because it’s cut sharp square and short, which makes it difficult to make good long strokes. This brush is great for short nails though, but if you have long nails, polish application can be tricky.

PRO TIP: Any application mistakes can be easily fixed with 04 Slayer clean up brush – dip it in nail polish remover and run around cuticles to perfect your manicure.

Wearability: Very long-lasting, I wore ColorFlecks Dark Fog on my nails for 10 days without chipping.

Nail Art: Suitable for any kind of nail art. I found it looks particularly great paired with Rose Gold Stars.

Dupes: I couldn’t find any dupes for this Autumn nail colour in my collection.

Extra Notes: Even though it’s vibrant and highly pigmented, ColorFlecks Dark Fog is non-staining, which is a very pleasant surprise. I would still recommend wearing it with a base coat though.

dark grey nails, colorflecks dark fog

Overall Impression: ColorFlecks Dark Fog is the perfect Autumn nail colour! With a flawless, highly pigmented formula, this one of a kind stunning dark grey shimmer lacquer will surely become your Fall favourite. A must have colour for everyone who is looking for some fresh and unusual nail polish to wear during colder months.

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Where to Buy: Dior Dark Fog is available here for $10.00 or 450 rub.

Now, over to you!

Do you like Dior Blue Drop? Do you think it’s a worthy investment or do you prefer other colours from the range?

– Maria, xx


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