Expert Advice: How to Repair Nails After Acrylics

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Editor’s Note: Have you tried acrylic nails? I did! As much as I enjoyed them, what I saw after they were removed wasn’t pretty. It took long 8 months to get them back into shape! I wish I talked to a professional about how to recover my nails because there is a much easier and faster way than the path I chose. Today our knowledgeable contributor and an experienced nail technician, Gena del Portillo shares her 4 best tips on how to repair nails after acrylics. Read on! – Maria, xx

how to repair nails after acrylics

As gorgeous as acrylic nails can be, if they are not applied and removed properly, they can leave nails severely damaged and ragged. Most of us, at one time or another, have spent a few long, sad, months growing out broken, thin, and peeling nails as a result.

Follow these simple tips to make it as painless (and beautiful) as possible.

1. Keep Your Cuticles Cute

A healthy eponychium (often mistaken for the cuticle), is one of the more important factors for growing a healthy nail. The cuticle is the dead, often white flaky layer that grows out on the nail plate. The eponychium is the live, soft, transparent part – this should never be cut. Instead, soften and gently push the cuticles for a clean nail. Doing this every 1 – 2 weeks is vital for healthy regrowth.

2. Moisturise

Keep your nails, cuticles and hands soft and moisturised. Not only does this contribute to cuticles health (see above), but a moisturised nail will be less likely to break. Another benefit is the reduction of hard, pokey hang nails, making it less likely you’ll pick or tear skin (we all know we do it!). Here’s 5 great moisturizing hand creams and 5 best cuticle oils to choose from.

3. Keep Em’ Covered

If your nail plate is sensitive, keep it covered with your nail strengthener and polish of choice. You can apply products in this order to keep nails covered:

  1.  Strengthener
  2.  Base Coat
  3.  Polish
  4.  Top Coat

Always keep some type of product on, this helps reinforce the nail plate and free edge to help prevent breaking. Nails don’t need to breath so ALWAYS keep something on them! (I seriously cannot say this enough) If nails are especially torn, you can also use a ridge-filling base coat to smooth the surface.

4. Like Jewels

Treat them as such! Do not use your nails as tools, and ALWAYS wear gloves when doing dishes or using harsh chemicals. No exceptions! Soaking nails in water makes them soft and prone to breaking and ripping.

This routine will help keep your nails protected until they regain their natural beauty. If you to decide to get acrylic nails, please take the time to research or have someone recommend an experienced nail technician in your area.

Have you tried acrylics before? Do you have any tips for repairing damaged nails that aren’t on this list? Please share your knowledge with us, we’d love to hear your tips!

Gena del Portillo,
Professional Nail Artist, Florida
Photos: Maria Vlezko.


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