Makeup Monday: Black is Back!

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black lipstick, black nails

Black is back and it’s hotter than ever. You can wear it on your lips, nails or both. I’ve been a fan of black lips ever since I started wearing makeup. I even recall using black pencil to get the black lip look that matched my black nails when I was in high school and then getting detention for “inappropriate behavior”. Alas, my teachers could not foresee that 20 years later, black lipstick would return.

Remember this this look I wore a while ago? Well, now it’s on runways around the world. Here’s a few black lip looks as seen on runways of Milan, Paris and New York… This time it’s way more wearable! To get the haute black lip look you don’t have to wear pitch black lipstick, rouge noir or dark brown red will suit just fine.

black lips trend, dior black lipstick

So naturally, when deciding on my makeup for the third day of the MBFWA 2016, I opted for black lips to match my all black outfit. BTW, if someone tries to give you detention from school, show them with photos of the Marc Jacobs show. Can’t argue with Marc!

For the nails, once again I relied on extra wide striping tape (here’s my first nail look with the tape). The pitch black glossy nails paired with thin bands attracted a lot of attention. With this look, you won’t need any jewellery and it looks way cooler than any 10 rings ever will.

black lips, black nails, dior black lipstickblack nails, black nail artblack nails, mirrored bag, mcqueen bagblack lips, black nailsblack nails, dior black out, black nail polish


So nail art warriors, it’s time to embrace your inner goth. Will you be bringing black into the light?

Finally, what do you think about the entire black lips look? Do you like the black nail/lip combo?

โ€“ Maria, xx

*Looking for more makeup ideas to match black nails? Check this out. Or, maybe you’re a fan of red? Here’s a good one.

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