10 Best Nail Growth Products According to You!

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10 best nail growth products

If you’re anything like me you know the pain of nails breaking. Especially, if you broke them hard and deep… It’s not only painful (literally!) to go through, but also hard to repair. So after a recent nail breaking accident I turned to the SoNailicious Insta family for help asking what’s your favourite nail growth treatments. There were so many great suggestions and nail growth tips that I decided to put together a couple of posts to share your collective knowledge with everyone. Starting with a list of the most effective nail growth treatments…

The 10 best nail growth products according to you, guys, are:

1. Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab overnight nail serum 10 ml, $9.99 here.
Emme: “Try Sally Hansen moisture rehab. It’s fantastic.”

2. Biosil supplement, from AUD $22.00 here.
Shell: “Supplement called Biosil is expensive but seems to help my nails grow faster and stronger.”

3. Vapid Nail Sauce 0.6 oz, $5.00 here
Ashley: “Nail sauce and oil from Vapid, I swear by it. It’s like magic and comes in so many amazing scents.”

4. Aloe Vera gel 354ml, $6.99 here
Celia: “Add a little Aloe Vera gel to your cuticle oil to speed up the nail growth process.”

5. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides supplement 305 g, $25.00 here
Lindsay: “Collagen peptides! Try Vital Proteins.”

6. Mavala Scientifique nail hardener 5 ml, $23.00 here
Bonita: “Mavala Scientifique nail hardener – it’s amazing!”

7. Orly Calcium Shield nail building base coat, $5.99 here
Jemima: “ORLY Calcium Shield works really well for nail growth! Give it a try.”

8. OPI Nail Envy Original nail strengthener 15 ml, $17.95 here
Mana: “OPI Nail Envy works great for me. Plus, taking Biotin pills as supplement.”
Read OPI Nail Envy review.

9. Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein 0.5 oz, $8.24 here
Celine: “Use Nailtiques followed by Nails Inc NailKale as a base pre-any nail polish and take a double dose of Vitamin B daily to make nails grow faster.”

10. Jurlique cuticle oil 1.8 ml, AUD $29.00 here
Alina: “Oil oil oil. It’s the only thing that helps me. Also, ANNY Liquid nails if you can find it.”

Now that you’re equipped with this list, there’s no reason to suffer slow nail growth. Just choose the product, or even better, a combination of two (vitamins for nail growth + treatment) that suits you and watch your nails grow!

Now over to you!

Did your favorite nail growth product make it to the list or did we miss some fantastic product?

Let me know us the comments below. We’re always looking to try and share more great finds!

– Maria, xx

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