50 Brilliant Things To Do At Home For Nail Art Warriors

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diy nai art at home

If you’re self isolating at home there’s more to do than just watch TV, homeschool your kids or declutter. In fact, now is the best time to hone your DIY nail art skills, organise your stash, learn new awesome nail art techniques and introduce your friends and family to the magical world of nail art!

Plenty of exciting nail art activities can be done from your living room and the best thing – nail art is free! If you’ve been a SoNailicious reader for a while, most likely you already have all the nail art supplies you need. And if not, getting whatever else you need is very easy online from your favourite nail art shop.

Whether you’re practising social distancing, self isolation or simply staying at home because it’s the right thing to do right now, here are 50 things to do to keep your spirits up and your nails on point:

1. Review and reorganise your nail polish stash by colour or by brand.

2. Come up with a new (better!) nail polish storage solution.

3. Join the Try All The Untrieds project.

4. Swatch all nail polishes on nail tips and label them.

5. Sell nail polishes that you don’t need on Facebook Marketplace.

6. Finally learn how to do Marble nails. Feel smug.

7. Finally learn how to do Turquoise nails. Feel smug.

8. Finally learn how to Geode nails. Realise, you’re becoming a nail art goddess.

9. Browse all SoNailicious nail art tutorials.

10. If you prefer video tutorials… then watch every SoNailicious nail art video!

geode nails how to

11. Pick the tutorial you’d like to try, share it with your bestie and do it together on Zoom.

12. Vacuum and dust your entire nail room or nail space. You may as well, disinfect it.

13. Organise your nail art supplies stash. Clean and declutter it, if required.

14. Research all those ‘How do I even use it?!’ nail art supplies and create a manicure with one of them.

15. Finally get serious about growing stronger and healthier nails.

16. Try these awesome Psychedelic Rainbow nails.

17. Learn how to do Gel nails at home. The Psychedelic Rainbow nails can be also done in gel!

18. Appreciate the SoNailicious’ enormous collection of nail art ideas, nail care tips and insightful interviews. Take advantage of all the FREE nail tutorials.

19. Actually try at least one nail art tutorial that you’ve saved on Pinterest.

20. Give yourself the perfect pedicure your toenails deserve.

perfect pedicure

21. Order online a new nail strengthener that suits your needs (read: your nails) best.

22. Get back into practicing your freehand nail art skills. Try doing French manicure on nail tips and monitor yuor progress.

23. Watch this video to learn the best way to use the SoNailicious nail art brushes.

24. Learn how to make brittle nails strong and healthy, once and for all.

25. Get your bestie to send you a photo of a new nail design to try, then return the favour.

26. Watch this video of how to do Spring nails and wonder why it’s not the most watched video on the SoNailicious channel.

27. Create a fashion inspired nail design.

28. Master these insane Outlined nails. Realise that you deserve a Nobel prize for your flawless linework.

29. Sketch in your Little Book of Nail Art series of nail art ideas inspired your favourite colour, holiday, spirit animal, friend, season or occasion.

30. Actually bring to reality one of these nail design sketches. Do it on your nails!

50 things to do self isolation, DIY nail art

31. Give yourself a hand spa.

32. Learn how to do your own nails like a pro. This is the time to make mistakes.

33. Revisit people’s manicures from their past, realise it wasn’t just you.

34. Recreate these iconic Great Gatsby nails. If you’ve done it before with stencils, use a nail art brush this time.

35. Find out what the heck is eponychium.

36. Learn to paint nails and do nail art with your other hand.

37. Recreate one of your old nail designs. Admire how much you have improved.

38. Finally try all those ultra happy Floral nail stickers. This is the time to go wild with your nail art!

39. Figure out how to file your nails for the perfect oval nail shape, once and for all.

40. Start caring for your cuticles.

treatment for damaged nails, mavala nailactan review

41. Learn how to take nail photos like a pro.

42. Create a beautiful nailfie.

43. Learn how to do koala nails yourself. Because we all need a bit of cuteness right now!

44. Recreate your favourite nail design done by your favourite nail artist.

45. Jump on Instagram and leave your favourite nail artist a comment letting them know why you enjoy their work. Everyone needs a bit of encouragement these days. Including myself ;)

46. Create your own version of the French manicure.

47. Find out what your nail shape tells about you.

48. Order online some new fun nail art supplies. Now is the time to go wild and try the most daring nail designs.

49. Master the fancy way to use nail foil.

50. Plan your re-emergence into the real world manicure in your nail art book.

There you have it, 50 awesome DIY nail art activities to do. Staying home has never been easier, when you have so many ideas to bring to reality ;)

Now, over to you!

What activity from this list would you do first?

– Maria, xx

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