Cute Australia Day Koala Nails – Tutorial

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cute koala australia day nails

Sometimes when I write about Australia I feel like an early explorer telling tales about an unknown paradise. I wasn’t born in Australia and for me, even after spending over 8 years here, it is still an exotic land. I see 2 perspectives of this place, one of someone to who Australia is unknown and that of a resident or ‘local’.

Thus, with Australia Day coming (it’s on 26 January), we’ll celebrate all the good things this land has to offer. Beaches, sun, happy easy going people and of course the unique flora and fauna. I’ve done quite a few beach nail designs (ie. Melbourne sunset nails and Cairns stormy beach nails) so this time around for Australia Day I had the ambitious goal of honouring one of the cutest Australian native animals… koalas!

So here they are the Cute Koala Australia Day nails. Australian or not, should you wish to recreate this koala inspired extravaganza our step-by-step tutorial is below:

cute koala australia day nails tutorial


  1. Paint all nails with 2 coats of green jelly glitter polish. You can use a light green nail polish if you don’t own green jelly glitter.
  2. With a light grey nail polish, paint koala head and ears (a big dot and 2 little dots) on the tips of each nail.
  3. Using a striping or detailing nail art brush, outline the koala’s head and dot their eyes and noses with black nail polish.
  4. Let it all dry for 10 minutes and seal with a high gloss top coat.

cute koala nails

Used: Dance Legend Kiwi Smoothie 949 (green jelly glitter), L’Oreal Paris Color Riche 622 Soft Chinchilla, Orly Vinyl (black) and Essie Good To Go top coat.

Will you be trying these Australia Day koala nails? Have you done any Australia Day inspired nail art in the past?

Whether you try this look or would like to show us your own nails, tweet or Instagram us, @So_Nailicious your nail art designs with a tag #sonailicious. We’d LOVE to see your work!

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