Nail File: Marianne of Esme and the Laneway

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Let me introduce you to our new series, ‘The Nail File’. It’ll run here every Tuesday and will replace the ‘SoNailicious Loves’. While the subject will remain the same – nails! – the angle will be different. The new series will feature particularly remarkable nails and people who make a significant contribution to the nail industry such as magazine editors, bloggers, celebrities and of course, leading manicurists from all over the world. We need to know our heroes!

For our first Nail File we’re delighted to have the gorgeous Marianne Rutherford from Esme And The Laneway sharing some of her nail secrets with us. Marianne is originally from UK and now lives in Melbourne where she runs one of Australia’s most popular vintage fashion blogs.

There must be something in the water because Melbourne is literally nailing it. Some of the best nail artists, indie nail polish brands and remarkable nails in Australia are coming out of Melbourne. Read on to find out more about Marianne!

NAIL FILE: Marianne Rutherford of Esme And The Laneway Blog

1. Blog Name: Esme and the Laneway

2. Achievements: A covergirl for Peppermint and Toffee magazines, being nominated for the Kidspot top 5 (Australian) style and beauty bloggers category.

3. Favorite nail polish brand: It varies, but I like the ones that are 5 free and don’t smell too terrible :)

4.  Favourite nail polish colour: At the moment, this beige-y putty-nudey colour. And of course, bright red.

5. Favourite nail shape: My friend filed them into a rounded square shape for me and I loved it – but the corner kept breaking off. Winter wrecks my nails! So now I am trying a short, pointy almond shape and will grow them again for spring.

6. Why do you think it’s important to pay attention to nails? I think they are a finishing touch to your overall look. Well kept nails are something everyone notices, for men and women. And they’re a fun way to add some colour and try something new. They also make you look well groomed!

7. Favorite pattern/trend right now? I’ve suddenly started craving plain plain plain! I love the tiny touches of metallics too.

8. The best nail care tip? Eating well, and hand cream!

9. To match or not to match lipstick to nails? I love this question! I think sometimes yes, sometimes no. Red lips and red nails will always be a classic.

10. How do you match nail polish to your outfit? It depends on what I’m wearing and my mood, and lately I’ve liked to use neutral colours, or very dark navy, and black, to tone with things. It’s fun!

Marianne Rutherford was interviewed  by Maria Vlezko in January 2014. All images – provided by Marianne.

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