Cairns Inspired Stormy Beach Nail Art

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Today’s stormy beach nail art is a homage to Cairns, a tropical beach holiday town located in North Queensland, Australia. You may remember a couple of months ago I made a quick trip to Cairns. It is famous as a holiday and wedding destination with pristine blue waters and nice weather. However for the duration of our visit, Cairns decided to play a joke on us and shown us some serious storms. Nonetheless, the view of empty beaches, almost black palms bending in the wind and turbulent skies left an impression and I thought straight away of translating that into nail art. Remember this photo? Well, now it’s on my nails. In loving memory of unpredictable Cairns.

As for the nail design itself, there were two stages. First, creating the reverse gradient and second, painting tiny palms. When I did the reverse gradient it looked so nice and unusual that I ended up wearing just that for a couple of days and later added the palms. If you want to learn trick techniques on how to create gradients or draw palms, this summer sunset nails tutorial from our nail art book would be very handy.

To do these stormy beach nails just follow the above mentioned tutorial using the detailing nail art brush and nail colours listed below.

blue ombre nailsombre nail nartraffian nails, blue gradient nailsstormy beach nails with palmsorly in the navy, orly snowcone and orly the softest white


How do you like these stormy beach nails? Have you ever been to Cairns or in North Queensland? Finally, how do you like the unusual Ruffian gradient?

– Maria, xx

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