Expert Advice: How to Avoid Top Coat Shrinkage

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You’ve just finished another nail art project, the last layer of top coat has just been applied and you’re sitting back proudly admiring your impeccable work. And then it happens…. “OH NOOOO!!!!” it shrinks! You can literally see your top coat shrinking and lifting the sides of your manicure completely ruining your hard work. Fear not my dear friends! Today our expert, Gena del Portillo, shares her tips for avoiding top coat shrinkage. Read on, guys! – Maria, xx

how to avoid to coat shrinkage

Your favourite top coat is super-fast drying, smoothes the grittiest glitter and it shines for days. But what if it’s shrinking and ruining your nail art masterpiece? Seche Vite, we’re looking at you now! Shrinkage is avoidable, just by following these simple steps:

  1. Always apply top coat to wet polish. A heavy duty top coat penetrates your polish to form one ultra-mega durable layer for a super mani.
  2. Use an angled brush dipped in pure acetone (dab off excess) to clean the sides and around the cuticle before applying your top coat.
  3. When applying a top coat, make sure that the product comes into contact with the nail plate around all edges of the polish and always wrap the free edge of the nail. You can then use an orange stick or angled brush to remove any excess top coat.

Easy, right? What are your favourite tips for avoiding top coat shrinking?

Gena del Portillo.
Photos: Maria Vlezko.

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