Expert Advice: 5 Best Tips For Long Nails

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You can grow stronger and longer nails too. It’s not all about genes but about nail care! Today Atima Bhatnagar, NemoNails, whose strong and long nails are some of the most well known in the world shares her best nail care tips for long nails. Enjoy! – Maria, xx

tips for strong nails

5 Top Tips For Healthy Long Nails:

1. Always keep a good pair of washing up gloves at hand. Water is your enemy, water weakens the nails and can cause them to split, peel and break if exposed to a lot of hand washing or dish washing.

2. Moisture, moisture and more moisture. Always use a good hand lotion close by and apply after washing hands. L’Occtaine hand creams are lovely but try to pick one that suits your skin type.

3. Choose a nail strengthening product which suits your nails and use it regularly. There are a number if products ranging from creams such as Hard As Hoof to base coats such as OPI Nail Envy.

4. Use a good cuticle cream/oil. Massage regularly into the cuticles this will help nail growth and keep your cuticles in good condition. Try Lush Lemony Flutter or any other great quality cuticle cream or oil.

5. Replenish within. Drink lots of water and try taking some vitamins for nail growth or Biotin supplements, these can help even the shortest of nails to get a kick start.

As easy as it sounds! What are your best tips for long nails?

Atima Bhatnagar.
Photos: Maria Vlezko.

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