Tutorial: Koala Nails. Plus, A Very Important Message!

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koala nails, how to paint koala on nails

How cute are these Koalas nails? Surprisingly (in a very sad way), this iconic Australian animal is now facing the danger of extinction… it’s hard for me to write this post, but I feel I have to share this with you!

Catastrophic bushfires are raging through Australia and the blue Sydney skies turned brown with thick, toxic smoke engulfing the city. And while humans are capable to protect themselves and escape the devastating fires, our unique Australian wildlife are left to deal with it on their own… In just a few days as many as 350 NSW koalas have perished in these fires, so much so, that they are now categorised as ‘functionally extinct’ and many more are injured or had their habitat destroyed.

I’ve created these Koala nails for the first SoNailicious #Artists4Earth challenge to rise awareness about the current wildlife extinction crisis and how severe the issue is. But I feel now, as hundreds of koalas are being wiped out by the bushfires, it is the right time to share this Koala nail art with you.

In the past 5 years the koala population dropped from about 100,000 to 40,000. This is happening due to massive, excessive deforestation (Australia has one of the highest land clearing rates in the world!) and consequent habitat loss. At this rate, koalas will be extinct by 2050. Over 4,000 koalas die (warning: heartbreaking images) every year in road accidents and from dog attacks. Koalas are slow and once they are on the ground they become very vulnerable. And even more koalas die of starvation caused by urbanisation and massive habitat destruction, which has now escalated due to human-induced bushfires.

Writing this post brings tears to my eyes, this cruel and unnecessary annihilation of wildlife should stop. And it’s not just up to our governments, it’s up to us to take action and make changes to our lifestyles. We love and care for our pets, and we must start caring about wild animals too – they deserve our love just as much!

 koala nails with warrior nail art brush, 1

how to paint koalas on nails


According to Ian Darbyshire, CEO of the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife it all starts with education.

“I think the public needs a fair bit of education and support to understand they do need help. We need actions from individuals to make sure they have koala-friendly fences, that they have their dogs under control. If you see one on the road, help it across. We should be doing more to help them,” he says.

If you’re in an area where koalas can be found, leave water out for them on hot days. To make it easy for koalas to travel from yard to yard, lean a pole on your fence or plant a tree so koalas can navigate backyards, Darbyshire suggests. If you live in koala habitat area, take these simple steps to help koalas survive.

If you live far away from koala habitat areas, you still can help save koalas:

You can also join me and raise awareness about koalas and many other endangered animals via nail art. There is still time to turn things around! As Mr Darbyshire says it all starts with education, so help me to spread the word and join the #Artists4Earth challenge. You can do it any time that suits you, but the sooner – the better!

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn how to do Koala nails yourself:


The more people know about what’s happening, the more chances the necessary changes will happen. It’s up to us, humans – to secure a clean and safe future for ourselves and also for all the creatures that inhabit the Earth, including koalas.

Now, over to you!

Did you know that the super cute Australian koalas are now facing the danger of extinction? Do you think we will be able to save koalas or will they follow the tragic fate of dozens of other species that recently became extinct?

– Maria, xx


We have set up a special fundraiser to help koalas. I firmly believe that together, we, as a community, can make a difference. JOIN IN!


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