Hydra Island Inspired Nautical Nails

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nautical nailsWhile in Greece, we were lucky to spend several days on Hydra Island. It’s located in the Aegean Sea 2 hours away by speed boat from Athens. Cars are not allowed on this idyllic, little island so if you have anything large to carry or you’re a bit lazy you hire a donkey. We just walked, everything you need is very close. The air is pristine and the striking turquoise water is crystal clear. To see it for yourself, check out our photos of Hydra here and here. It is just so beautiful! No wonder, Leonard Cohen, Sofia Loren and Jackie O all spent time on Hydra. The island also is a home to artists, poets and sailors. Many famous Greek admirals as it was once an important strategic and trading port.

Hydra’s strong nautical atmosphere inspired the nautical nails we’re showing you today. This nail design is simple enough to wear to the beach yet enough of a statement for a summer night out. Such universality makes this design perfect for summer holidays when you don’t have time for changing your manicure. Plus, it will look as great on short nails as on long.

Finally, our Hydra Island inspired nails are easy and quick to do. Scroll down for a how-to!

nautical nails tutorialgreece nail arteasy nautical nailsHOW TO:

  1. Paint nails with a base pastel shade. Apply fast drying, high gloss top coat and let it touch dry.
  2. Using stripe stencils create a progressively thinner stripe pattern as pictured.
  3. Paint dark blue polish over the striped pattern and accurately remove the stencils. Use textured or velvet finish polish for a maximum impact*. Don’t top coat it, just let the pattern dry and you’re done!

*The main point of difference of these nautical nails is using two contrasting polishes with different finishes. We used textured shimmering blue and glossy creme latte shades.  Plus, not using top coat over the finished pattern allows to create even more contrast between the textured stripes and glossy base.

If you need a visual representation of the above how-to, check out this striping tape nail art tutorial. And, if you’d like to take it to the next level and learn how to create flawless manicures with striping tape, see tutorial for this design from our 30 Easy Nail Designs e-book.

easy nautical nail artUsed:

So, how do you like our Hydra Island nails? If you try this nautical nails design why not Tweet or Instagram us a photo of your pretty nails (tag #sonailicious). I’d love to see them!

– Maria, xx

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