Korres Ocean Blue and Bright Yellow – Review & Swatches

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korres nail polish reviewApologies for the radio silence… We had so much on our plate during the last two weeks – numerous planes to catch, new places to see, people to meet and of course, new nail polish brands to discover!

We have just left Greece – an incredible country where every building, park and bay seems to breathe history. You can feel it as you walk down the narrow streets of Athens Old Town and when visiting ancient temples on Greek islands. We were documenting our adventures in Greece on Instagram – check it out ;)

As for the local nail polish brands, while in Athens we’ve discovered Korres and what a worthy find! It’s a well known brand in Europe and it makes every Greek beauty enthusiast proud! All Korres products, based on natural active ingredients extracted from plants grown by local farmers, are proven clinically effective.

That’s why we were so excited to try the Korres nail polish! A fantastic colour range of earthy and pastel shades and more importantly a great, 7-free formula with myrrh and oligo-elements. Myrrh resin drops or ‘tears’ are still hand-picked! Their antiseptic and healing properties help to bring nails back to their naturally-flexible condition while contributing to the overall nail health including the surrounding area.

Today we’re test driving the two Korres shades from their new Summer 2013 collection – Ocean Blue #87 and Bright Yellow #91. Check out our review below to find out why Korres nail polish is so worthy of being added to your stash!

korres nail polish swatcheskorres nail polish ocean bluekorres nail polish bright yellowREVIEW:

  • Formula:  Very liquid, 7-free formula ensures smooth coverage without any streaks. Not fast drying.
  • Application: Relatively easy application. For the lighter shades (as the yellow pictured), 3-4 coats will ensure full coverage (pictured), the darker shades – only 2 coats.
  • Finish: Very glossy creme, top coat is not necessary (pictured is just polish, no top coat). Top coat added gives your nails (covered in Korres nail polish) some kind of unreal crystal like, ultra glossy look, almost like gel gels.
  • Brush: Soft, shortish, mid-thick brush, it requires some skill to use.
  • Wearability: 4 days chip-free without top coat or with top coat may last even longer.
  • Nail Art: Dark Korres shades are perfect for any type of nail art, particularly good for striping tape nail art. The lighter shades are great as a base but not suitable for details as they’re a bit too sheer and liquid.
  • Extra Note: Korres polish is very easy and quick to remove. Dark shades won’t stain your nails. Not even the tiniest bit!
  • korres nail polish
  • Overall Impression: If you’re into naughty-chemicals-free polishes, you’ve got to try Korres. One of the best formulas we’ve tried so far, long-wearing and super glossy. It’s not fast-drying though. So if you have no spare 30 minutes make sure you use a fast drying top coat with a Korres polish.
  • Availability: Europe, Canada and the USA via Korres site – 8 EURO or in selected pharmacies; in Australia via KitCosmetics stores.
  • So, how do you like Korres nail polish? Will you be trying them?
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