6 French Manicure Designs Worth Trying

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french manicure designsThe elegant French manicure is one of the most popular looks in the history of nail art. No wonder, it looks so chic and suitable for any occasion. It can be worn day or night. Obsession with French nails began with a classic white tips on nude nails and developed in a great number of variations!

So, here are the 6 French manicure designs that are worth trying:

  1. The Banded french manicure. Simply stick striping tape on top of your freshly painted nails, seal with top coat and you’re done!
  2. The banded diagonal french nails
  3. Glitter tips on dark nails
  4. Sideways french manicure
  5. Diagonal tips on multicoloured nails.
  6. The Reverse French aka Half-Moon Manicure. With matte polish and metallic moons it looks especially spectacular!

Photo credit: BlogNailedIt (1), Pshiiit, (2 & 5), StyleIndeed, Coolnailsart, CND

What’s your favorite French nail design from the above?

– Maria, xx

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