28 Days of SoNailicious Nails – Day 1 Nail Decals

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28 days of sonailicious nails, nail decalsLet the 28 Days of SoNailicious Nails challenge commence!

Day 1 – Free Birds nail art with nail decals

This is probably the easiest and quickest nail art you can do. I have a great variety of nail decals that I’ve been meaning to try for quite some time, not to mention piles of other goodness I’ve accumulated due to my addiction to nail art. Thus, the Nail Art Challenge is the perfect opportunity to showcase a good portion of it. The benefit for you lovelies is that during this month you’ll see how all these different things, not just polishes, can be used to decorate your nails.

So back to our nail decals. Instead of just trying one type of decal, I decided to tell a little story on my nails. Hence, the Free Birds nail art was born. You may even see the philosophical meaning I attempted to convey, if you look a little closer :)

nails with nail decalspretty nail designs with nail decalsHello Darling nail decals

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