Ulta3 The Big Book of Nails Review & Pastel Polka Dot Nail Art

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big book of nails 1SO many exciting new releases happened while we were away on our SoNailicious tour! One of them ‘The Big Book of Nails’ is particularly impressive. Why? Because it’s a new idea and it’s created by one of the best Australian budget polish brands, Ulta3.

So what is ‘The Big Book of Nails’?

It’s a hard case box that contains 16 of Ulta3’s most popular nail polishes, from pastel creams to bright glitters. The book also contains 4 tutorials and is accompanied by a nail art tool kit.

The polishes sit safely within a book and if you don’t like some of the shades you can always replace them with your own favourites. Each row of polishes is colour coordinated to help nail artists easily choose matching colours for a manicure. The books takes care of such nail art dilemmas for you.

The 4 tutorials are gradient, tape manicure, dotticure and glitter manicure. The tutorials are quite basic, just a photo the finished manicure and a brief description. If you’re a beginner and need more explanation we’d recommend stalk your favourite bloggers for their step-by-step tutorials or videos. Have a look at our nail art tutorials section or get a full-on comprehensive nail art tutorial book.

big book of nailsulta3 big book of nailsulta3 pink peonynail art tool kitFinally, the Big Book is accompanied by a nail art tool kit (above photo) containing – 1 dotting tool, 1 detailing brush, 2 sponges and a mixing plate. It’s a great little kit for those who want to take their nail art to the next level. Wave good-bye to toothpicks and other random things you’ve been using for your nail art. Australian readers take note, thanks to Ulta3, we finally have all the proper tools at our disposal! For non-Australian readers we should add that it’s difficult to find any nail art tools here. It was impossible unless you were a professional manicurist or knew how to get things from eBay.

What do we think about ‘The Big Book of Nails’?

Overall Impression: We like the book. It’s a well thought through, innovative product which would be a great acquisition for any nail art enthusiast. Beginners will know where to begin and nail art fanatics will acquire 16 new shades to play with for a mere $21.95. The book would make a great present, just make sure you get one for yourself too!

Extra Notes:  The polishes contain nitrocellulose and also “may contain formaldehyde“. While it is not as good as 3-free polishes it is still not as bad as polishes that contain all 5 chemicals. Personally, we like and use Ulta3 polishes but just make sure that The Big Book of Nails is not the book you put on your bedside table.

Disclosure: This product/service was provided by brand/PR for consideration, opinions expressed are our own. For more information about our disclosure policy click here.

Availability: RRP AUS$21.95 – book, RRP AUS$9.95 – nail art tools kit in Australia from selected pharmacies.

And, then of course we had to put The Big Book of Nails and nail art tools kit to use and created this double polka dot pastel nail art! Scroll down for a quick how-to below.

pastel polka dot nailsulta3 corsican rosenail art with dotting toolulta3 nail artHOW TO:

  1. Paint nails in 2 coats of one colour. We used Ulta3 Lily White.
  2. With the thicker end of the dotting tool, randomly place large dots on all nails. We used – Pink Peony on thumb, Lilac Bloom on pointer, Corsican Rose on index, Fresh Squeezed on ring and Pale Dahlia on little finger.
  3. With the thin end of the dotting tool, make small coloured dots to compliment the large dots.
  4. Again, using the thinner end, make some white dots over the large coloured dots to create a colored circle pattern.
  5. Wait a few minutes for the dots to dry. Seal your design with 2-3 coats of high shine, quick dry top coat.

Used: Ulta3 shades from the Big Book of Nails, dotting tool from the Ulta3 nail art kit and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash top coat.

So, what are your thoughts about The Big Book of Nails? How do you like the idea?! Will you be getting one?

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