Easy Cloud Nail Art Tutorial

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Easy Cloud Nail ArtNail art doesn’t have to be difficult to make an impact! This design was developed by Jane of Nailside, and it’s very easy – you don’t need any special equipment, just the brushes that come in your bottle of nail polish. It’s also a great way to cover up chips or tipwear (the thin line of bare nail at the tip after wearing a colour for a few days).

Cloud Nail Art Tutorial

What you need: 3 opaque colours for the best results. If the colours are too sheer, you may end up with a very thick layer of polish at the tip, which will chip more easily. For this design, I used three Bourjois polishes that I’d been itching to try.

1. Paint your nail with a thin coat of the base colour. Let it dry to the touch.

2. Load up the brush of the second polish colour with a medium amount of polish. You don’t want a big blob, nor do you want it to be dry – a semi-circle of polish is perfect. This will help give you a rounder “cloud” shape. Draw a line down the middle of your nail. You can experiment with where to start the line for different effects.

3. Repeat with two more lines down each side of the first line. Let it dry to the touch. If the colour is sheer, repeat 2-3 to get opacity.

4-5. Add the second cloud with the final colour, making sure you run the brush along the free edge of the nail to cover the tip. Let it dry to the touch.

Finish with a coat of topcoat to smooth out and seal in the design. Done!

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