12 Incredibly Beautiful Nails That Are Entirely Hand Painted

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12 beautiful nails to try

Beat the boredom of the long autumn evenings and rainy weekends by working on your freehand nail art skills! Freehand takes a lot of time and effort, but in the end, your beautiful nails will be worth all the work. To help you to get inspired, today I’m sharing some of my beautiful nail art ideas from the talented nail artists around the world – all are 100% hand painted. Some nails designs are more difficult than others, but surely these works of nail art will make you want to try your best!

Scroll down to view all the beautiful nail designs and make sure to pin some of your favorites, so you remember the idea!

1. Detailed Flower nails by @lieve91

How-to: This incredibly detailed floral manicure is hand-painted with acrylic paints using the 01 Warrior brush.

Detailed Floral nail art

2. Book-inspired nail art by @jennieshaw

How-to: This mind-blowing design is entirely hand-painted with nail polishes using 01 Warrior, 02 Needle and 04 Slayer brushes.

Book inspired nail art

3. Crystallized Roses nail design by @glitterfingersss

How-to: These beautiful nails are hand-painted with acrylic paints. Use the 01 Warrior detailing brush to achieve flawless intricate patterns like this one.

Beautiful nails with crystallised roses pattern

4. ’80s Birthday nails by @sohotrightnail

How-to: This abstract ’80s print nail art is hand-painted with gel. Use the 01 Warrior brush for small details and circles and the 02 Needle liner brush for lines and triangle details.

80s print nails

5. Abstract nail art by @aliciatnails

How-to: To recreate this incredible freehand nail art, use the 01 Warrior detailing brush for small details like the stripy outlines, and the 03 Spear liner brush for edgy moon details.

Beautiful abstract nails6. Fairy nails by @toxicvanityblog

To get the look: These beautiful fairy nails were painted entirely with the 01 Warrior brush.

Fairy tale nails

7. Galaxy nails (or Solar system nails!) by @coewlesspolish

How-to: First create the base as for usual galaxy manicure, then paint planets and stars with a fine detailing brush – you can use gel or polish, but this kind of detailed design is best done with acrylics paints.

Beautiful Galaxy nails

8. Incredible Mandala nails by @tartofraises

How-to: This design is hand-painted with gel. Use the 02 Needle brush for outlines and the 01 Warrior for small details and to place rhinestones.

Mandala nail art

9. Beautiful Rainbow nails by @nails_krat

How-to: Use the 03 Spear striping brush to achieve the perfect rainbow arches. If you have shorter nails, then use the 02 Needle liner brush.

Rainbow nails

10. Geode nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: Use the 01 Warrior brush for small details and to achieve the perfect realistic Geode nails look. Watch the tutorial here.

blue geode nails11. Tile nails by @asabree

How-to: This beautiful nail design is entirely hand-painted with gel. Use the 01 Warrior nail brush for small details, such as flowers, petals, leaves and circles, and the 02 Needle for lines and outlining details.

Beautiful tile nails

12. Geo Rainbow nail art by @nagelfuchs

How-to: These beautiful nails are entirely hand-painted with acrylic paints. Use sharp detailing nail brush to achieve an intricate geometric pattern like this. If you’re using gel, then this design can be done using the one-stroke technique with the 04 Slayer brush.

Amazing hand painted nail artWhat I love the most about nail art that there’s so much room for experiments! Any of these beautiful nail designs can be easily simplified. For instance, you can do just one accent nail instead of full set. If you’re brave enough to attempt a full on freehand manicure, I guarantee you will love the result!

Now over to you!

Which manicure from the above compilation is your favourite? Will you dare to try any?

– Maria, xx


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