10 Incredibly Chic Abstract Nail Designs to Try

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Abstract nail designs are having their moment this year! From retro prints to modern geometry and from splatter to presize patterns, all sorts of Abstract nails are in. A great bonus, they are very easy to do. As long as you have great quality nail art brushes, plus a bit of inspiration… I’m here to help you with both!

With regards to the former, consider investing in the SoNailicious nail art brushes (if you have not yet). As for nail art inspiration, take a look at 10 chic Abstract nail art ideas below:

1. Abstract Speckle nails

by @nailthoughts

HOW TO:  First use semi sheer nail polish as your base, then add white, beige and black details. To paint the intricate abstract nail designs like this, use 01 Warrior detailing brush.

speckle nails - abstact nail art

2. Abstract Waves nail design

by @so_nailicious

HOW TO:  First paint all nails in yellow nail lacquer, then use 02 Needle brush to paint the perfect waves. The Needle brush follows your hand precisely, which makes it easy to paint flawless curves and waves.

abstract nails in yellow and blue

3. Retro Waves

by @chalkboardnails

HOW TO: First, paint all nails in beige nail colour, then use thin liner nail art brush to paint the perfect waves. Finish off with a glossy top coat.
retro print nail art

4. Fluid Abstract nails

by @alyonaiils

HOW TO: To recreate this manicure first paint various abstract shapes in white neon on all nails, then using sharp detailing nail art brush add black lines and dots. Finish off with a matte top coat.
neon abstract nails

5. Abstract Checkered nails

by @nataliepavlovskinails

HOW TO: First create two-toned manicure in red and white, then use a presize detailing brush to paint the intricate checkered patterns over the white parts.

abstact checkered nails

6. One Stroke Abstract nails

by @so_nailicious

HOW TO: To paint the strokes I used the nail polish brush and then added on top the non-fading Gold Flakes foil and small metal studs. Plus, 2 coats of a glossy top coat to secure it all.

abstract nail art with gold nail foil

7. Geo Abstract nails

by @nails_unistella

HOW TO: Use the super fine liner nail art brush, like 02 Needle to paint the perfect geometric shapes over bare nails. Then using the same thin liner brush add black lines and small details. Finish off with a glossy top.

Rainbow abstract nails

8. 80s Abstract nail design

by @sohotrightnail

HOW TO: First paint all nails in nude and white to create the base for your manicure. Then using the ultra fine detailing nail art brush add colourful abstract shapes, use dotting tools for black dots and finally with a thin liner brush paint flawless black lines. Secure it all with a glossy top.

80s print nails

9. ‘Lime in the Sky’ Abstract nails

by @so_nailicious

HOW TO: For this nail design I used 02 Needle brush to paint wavy details and 01 Warrior brush (which is perfect for intricate details!) to add tiny black dots.

abstract nails

10. Summer Splatter nails

by @arina_vader

HOW TO: First paint all nails in nude nail polish, then use polish brush to create small abstract shapes on all nails and then add tiny dots using ultra sharp detailing brush like 01 Warrior. Finish off with a matte top coat.

splatter nails

There you have it, 10 chic Abstract nail designs for every taste and for every skill. What I love the most about Abstract nails is that there’s so much room for experiments! You’re free to use any colours and create any patterns, there are literally zero rules and your lines can be as wiggly or sharp as you want them to be. Abstract art celebrates creativity!

PRO TIP: Once finished painting your design, make sure you clean up around cuticles and any mistakes with a sharp angled brush like 04 Slayer brush. Creating Abstract nails can be messy, but your art work will look fantastic once neatly groomed.

Now over to you!

Which Abstract nail design from the above compilation is your favourite? Will you dare to try any?

– Maria, xx


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