Tutorial: Cute Emoji Nails

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emoji nails

Like any social media addict, I love emoji. They help to express the feelings in the faceless world of technology and they add a touch of cuteness. The recent emoji update was an exciting event for any Instagram lover and not too bad for nail art enthusiasts as well. I don’t yet have any inclination to try Unicorn nail art (unless I invent some kind of edgy Unicorn jumping on half-moons), so for now I’ll show you how to create these super cute yet chic and sleek Emoji nails. A great bonus, this nail design is very easy. Enjoy!


emoji nail art tutorial


  1. Apply two coats of teal nail polish. Apply 1 coat of fast-drying top coat*. Let it dry for 10 – 15 minutes.
  2. Once the base is dry, apply circle nail stencils** (as pictured) on all nails.
  3. Apply yellow nail polish as pictured on all nails.
  4. Using tweezers accurately remove the stencils.
  5. With a detailing nail art brush and using red and black nail polish, paint faces on all yellow circles.
  6. If required, accurately clean up around the cuticles and apply two coats of a clear, fast-drying top coat on all nails.

* It’s essential that you apply top coat before using stencils and allow it to dry completely. If you won’t do that, the adhesive on the back of stencil will tear off your base coat.

** Make sure you attach the stencils firmly to the nail. Poor adhesion may cause the polish bleed under the stencil.

Marc jacobs iphone case, cute emoji nailsMarc jacobs nail polish, cute emoji nailsemoji nails, marc jacobs luxemoji nails, Marc jacobs lux

Used: Marc Jacobs 166 Warm Blue and MJ 124 Lux, Essie Good To Go top coat and Circle Nail Art Stencils. Plus, Marc Jacobs iphone case.

Are you a fan of emojis? Keen to give these Emoji nails a go?

– Maria, xx

P.S. As always, if you try this nail design, I’d love to see you work – Tweet or Instagram me a photo with the tag #sonailicious.

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