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fun lacquer new year 2013 collection review

Holomeleon* /’halemi:lien/ –noun a nail polish that incorporates qualities of both holographic and chameleon nail polishes, i.e. it posses an ability to change colour while having a three-dimensional effect formed by the interference of light beams from any strong light source. So these FUN Lacquers are Holomeleons or, in simple terms, pretty freaking amazing nail READ MORE

whats in-die box march review, australian indie nail polishes

Today’s post showcasing an exciting indie nail polish service, What’s In-Die Box is prepared by Christine David from Serenity Nail Spa, Australia. She’s a certified Bio Sculpture manicurist with a passion for Australian indie nail polishes and a talent for discovering new interesting shades! So if you want to know more about indies, Christine is READ MORE

nailgunxs nail blog

Today we’re talking nails with Bec of NailGunXS from Melbourne, Australia. Bec mostly blogs about Australian and international indie polish brands. She has the most most enviable strong and perfectly shaped nails imaginable. She is also the founder of one of the most popular Australian indie brands, Arcane Lacquer. She started blogging in August 2012 READ MORE

indie polish, the best Australian indie polishes

Indie polish brands! Yet another thing we can be proud about of on Australia Day. Aussie indies have won hearts of many and are some of the most coveted polishes in the world. They are called ‘indie’ because they are hand-blended custom nail polishes that are not mass manufactured but usually made at home. Aussie READ MORE