FUN Lacquer New Year 2014 Collection: The Illusive Holomeleons

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Holomeleon* /’halemi:lien/

a nail polish that incorporates qualities of both holographic and chameleon nail polishes, i.e. it posses an ability to change colour while having a three-dimensional effect formed by the interference of light beams from any strong light source.

fun Lacquer gold polishfun lacquer reviewSo these FUN Lacquers are Holomeleons or, in simple terms, pretty freaking amazing nail polishes! I don’t actually know any mainstream brands producing holomeleons, expect for Dance Legend. But Dance Legend is a rare exotic bird as well. So when I was offered to test drive the new FUN Lacquer New Year 2014 collection, I agreed without thinking twice.

When the cute little package arrived however, I was a bit confused by what appeared to be 6 nail polishes of approximately the same color (as pictured above) and not much of those mystical chameleon and holographic qualities.

Confused, I tried the first bottle. The application was easy and the formula felt nice but I still didn’t quite get the desired holo-chamo result. Saddened, I went out to get a coffee and as I stretched my hand into the sun… oh my! My nails went mad, sparkling with all the colours of rainbow and simultaneously changing color. Pretty sure the barista was blinded by my nails too as she made me a large latte instead of the small cappuccino that I ordered.

Recaffeinated, I returned and put all the polishes in direct sunlight. A miracle happened. Not did the polishes shine like crazy diamonds, they also revealed their true colours (as pictured at the bottom of the post). They no longer looked like 6 similar shades, they were distinctively different:

  • New Year Eve – cold blue with red and purple undertones and strong chameleon effect
  • Fireworks – cold red with pink and gold undertones
  • Champagne Toast – champagne gold with pink undertones and a strong holographic effect
  • Clover – super shiny beetle green with gold undertones. Strong holographic and chameleon effect
  • Horse 2014 – bright gold with copper undertones
  • A Year of Prosperity – copper with caramel undertones and a strong holographic effect

Below are swatches of my three favorite polishes from the collection – Horse 2014, A Year of Prosperity and Clover, taken in direct sunlight and in shadow, so you’ll see the difference in their ‘behavior’ too. Plus, detailed review of the range is also below.

{FUN Lacquer HORSE 2014 – direct light}

Fun Lacquer Horse 2014 gold nail polishFun Lacquer Horse 2014

{FUN Lacquer HORSE 2014 – shadow}

Fun Lacquer Horse 2014 nail polish shadowFun Lacquer Horse 2014 nail polishfun Lacquer Horse 2014 polish

{FUN Lacquer A Year of Prosperity – direct light}

A Year of Prosperity nail polish reviewFun Lacquer A Year of Prosperity nail polish

{FUN Lacquer A Year of Prosperity – shadow}

Fun Lacquer A Year of Prosperity nail polish shadow

{Fun Lacquer Clover – direct light}

Fun Lacquer Clover gold polishfun lacquer clover

{Fun Lacquer Clover – shadow}

Fun Lacquer Clover gold nail polish shadow Fun Lacquer Clover nail polish shadow


  • Formula: Good density formula, relatively fast drying. 5-free and animal cruelty free.
  • Application: easy to apply, just 2 layers of polish shown – no top coat.
  • Finish: Beautiful moderately glossy nail polishes with multichrome and holographic effects.
  • Brush: brush is ok.
  • Wearability: Long lasting, the FUN lacquers can last up to 3 days chip free without top coat.
  • Nail Art: Perfect as a base for striping tape manicures like this or this.
  • Extra Notes: Handmade in Singapore.

fun Lacquer new year 2014 collection

FUN Lacquer New Year 2014 Collection Overall Impression: One of  a kind limited edition collection. If you love understated yet luxurious polishes, if you love holographic and multichromes and you like indie polishes and don’t mind the packaging, then you’ll love these polishes. Personal favorite – Fun Lacquer Clover (above).

Nail Polish available: online here, full size 16.7ml bottle USD $13.50 & mini, 7ml – $8.
Rings: High Five Ring and French Braid Ring.

By the way FUN Lacquer stands for Fabulously Unique Nail Lacquer. In my opinion, these polishes justify their name 100%!

So, what do you think about FUN Lacquer New Year 2014 Collection? Have you tried FUN Lacquers before?

*The word ‘Holomeleon’ was created by me to have a special description for multichrome, ie.chameleon polishes that are also holographic. It’s shorter and easier to use. Patent pending.

– Maria, xx

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