14 Fabulously Easy Christmas Nail Ideas to Try

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12 Christmas Nail art ideas

Christmas is just over a month away, and that means it’s time to start planning your festive manicure. Whether you’re up for an easy Christmas nail art or more sophisticated festive nail design, we’ve got your covered! And, remember, Christmas nails are not just about the traditional red and green or blue combinations, it can be any colour you want, just add a classic Christmas pattern over!

To help you with that part (i.e. painting intricate patterns) the all-new Christmas Stickers collection has arrived right in time! It has everything from snowflakes to Fair Isle sweaters and is perfect for the festive season.

Scroll down to view 14 fabulous Christmas nail ideas and make sure to pin some of your favorites, so you remember the design!

1. Snowflakes Christmas nail art by @so_nailicious

How-to: First create a gradient manicure, then add white Snowflake stickers to finish off this magnificent Christmas design!
snowflakes christmas nail art

2. Dark Red Starry nails by @laublm

How-to: These shimmering matte dark red nails are simple and festive! Use the SoNailicious Super Star stickers for a bright topper and finish off with a matte top coat for a chic look.Dark red and gold Christmas nails

3. Pastel Starry nails by @paulinaspassions

How-to: Paulina’s look captures the feelings of falling snow, and the Super Star stickers make it even cheerier!

Pastel Starry Nails4. Christmas Sweater nails by @ilaeti

How-to: Fluffy sweaters and candy canes? Perfect for Christmas! Use Christmas Sweater stickers and white Snowflakes to get this merry manicure. To re-create this look follow this Christmas Sweater nails how-to.
Red Christmas Sweater Nails 3

5. Blue and Gold Christmas nails by @laublm

How-to: These electric blue nails with gold snowflakes are perfect for holiday season! Use these Snowflake stickers to re-create this Christmas nail idea and finish off with a matte top coat for a chic look.
gold and blue Christmas nail idea

6. Geo Christmas nails by @beautyaddictedd

How-to: To give this already-chic Geo Christmas design an extra pop use these Glitter stripes.

Red and Gold Geometric Christmas nails7. Galaxy Snowflake nails by @laublm

How-to: With her latest design, Laura has created a gorgeous galactic winter look! Use white Snowflake stickers to complete this cosmic creation.
Snowflake Nails

8. Starry Gradient nails by @ilaeti

How-to: I haven’t seen the Northern Lights yet, but this gradient manicure gets me close! Use the Super Star stickers to evoke a gorgeous winter’s night.

Starry Gradient Nails9. Glam Snowflake nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: Simply add the gold Snowflake stickers over dark plum nails to create a perfect Christmas manicure.

gold and red christmas nails

10. Glitter Accent Christmas nails by @beautyaddictedd

How-to: Simply add white Christmas Sweater stickers over bright blue metallic polish, cover with a matte top coat and paint one accent nail to add a touch of luxury to your Christmas manicure.

Blue Christmas nails11. Delicate Festive nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: Use a sheer nude polish and Super Star stickers for a holiday manicure that’s understated but makes a statement.

easy christmas nail idea12. Christmas Sweater nails by @coewlesspolish

How-to: Using white Christmas Sweater stickers and white Snowflake stickers, you can get in the Christmas spirit with this dark blue wintry look.

Blue Christmas Sweater Nails 1

13. Art Deco Party nails by @so_nailicious

How-to: Using Glitter Stripes stickers, you can easily re-create this high-contrast festive manicure. 

art deco nail art14. Negative Space Party nails by @nailscope

How-to: Elina uses Geo Aztec stickers to create this glamorous negative space manicure that will stand out at any festive soirée. For a step-by-step check out this party nails tutorial.

party nails

There you have it, 14 fabulously easy Christmas nail ideas! I especially like the Starry Gradient nails, Galaxy Snowflakes nails and Elina’s Party nails – each is unique and perfect for the festive season.

Now over to you!

Which Christmas nail design from the above compilation is your favourite?

– Maria, xx


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