Tutorial: Embellished Reverse French Manicure

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reverse french manicure

This Reverse French manicure with gold embellishments is a great evening look. Plus, it’s very easy to do and there’s plenty of room for experimentation! For instance, you can use any other colours you like, as long as they are contrasting enough, and if you’re not a fan of embellished tips, you can do embellished half moons :)

Now without further ado, let’s see the how to!

reverse french manicure how to


1. Paint all nails with dark blue nail polish and wait for 5 – 10 minutes for it to dry.

2. Add light blue details at the tip of each nail using nail polish brush. Wait 5 minutes more for your base to dry. While waiting clean up any polish application mistakes with angular brush, if needed.

3. Measure the Droplet nail stickers to decide which one you will use to suit your nails. Slightly larger is ok as you can trim it.

4. Using tweezers pick up the stickers and apply them on all nails.

5. Use silicone tool to smooth the surface of stickers and get rid of any bubbles underneath.

6. If required, use cuticle cutters to trim the edges to make sure the gold stickers are not sticking out beyond the painted part of each nail. Then apply 2 coats of high gloss top coat. You can leave it glossy or add 1 coat of a matte top coat for a velvety look.

blue nail art kester black cumulusblue and gold nails kester black cumulusgold and blue nailsblue and gold nails with kester black bleureverse french manicure with gold nail stickers


With party season just around the corner, this embellished Reverse French manicure idea surely will come handy. I think it would also look great done in a classic black and white combo ;)

Now, over to you!

How do you like this idea and what colour combination would you use for this kind of French manicure?

– Maria, xx

P.S. If you try this Reverse French manicure, I would love to see it! Tweet or Instagram me @So_Nailicious your manicure with a tag #sonailicious.


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