Manicure Tips

how to avoid top coat shrinking

You’ve just finished another nail art project, the last layer of top coat has just been applied and you’re sitting back proudly admiring your impeccable work. And then it happens…. “OH NOOOO!!!!” it shrinks! You can literally see your top coat shrinking and lifting the sides of your manicure completely ruining your hard work. Fear READ MORE

gel nails at home dos and donts

Have you tried doing gel nails at home? I’ve been feeling a bit nervous about doing it myself… until now! Gena del Portillo, a professional nail artist from the South Florida, shares her do’s and don’ts of successful at home gel manicures.  Feeling reassured,  I’m now keen to give it a go and hope you READ MORE

how to get smooth nails

When you’re wearing a plain bright colour on your nails, like red for example, the smoothness of your nails becomes particularly important. If you’re leaving it to the colour to make the statement, then make sure the surface is perfect as the slightest imperfection gets amplified. To get smooth nails is as easy as 1,2,3 READ MORE


So many announcements happening this week on SoNailcious! First there was our new book, The SoNailicious Fuzzy Nail Art Guide and now we’re announcing two new features! 1. “Ask SoNailicious” We’ve been receiving a great number of nail related questions. So instead of answering all these questions individually we thought of putting together a special feature “Ask READ MORE

top coat

Whenever I ask a professional manicurist about their best tip, they invariably suggest using a good top coat. It is essential to any manicure, yet a lot of people simply skip this step. Even myself, and I can tell you now there is a big difference between life after top coat and life before top READ MORE