5 Reasons Why a Top Coat is Essential

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top coatWhenever I ask a professional manicurist about their best tip, they invariably suggest using a good top coat. It is essential to any manicure, yet a lot of people simply skip this step. Even myself, and I can tell you now there is a big difference between life after top coat and life before top coat. I once thought “Why do I need it? My manicure looks just fine without it”. Oh well, now I know exactly why.

Here’s 5 reasons why top coat is essential:

  • 1. Extend the life of your manicure: A great top coat nail polish can make your manicure last not just 1-2 days but a solid 3 days chip-free, sometimes even longer. Especially good: ORLY Polishield.
  • 2. Professional Manicure look: You know that glossy, wet look your nails get if you get them done in a salon? That’s the top coat. Dull nails no more! Especially good: Essie Good To Go.  
  • 3. Make your nail art look nice and smooth: Apply 2 or even 3 layers of top coat to smooth even the bumpiest nail art. A top coat will also keep studs, crystals and loose glitter fixed in place.  Especially good: Seche Vite Dry Fast.
  • 4. Speed up the drying process: the right top coat can speed up the drying process significantly. Nails done and dried in about 5 minutes! No more smudged manicures when you’re rushing to get to a function on time. Especially good: Sally Hansen Diamond Flash and NailsInc Kensington Caviar.
  • 5. Make your nails look elegant: even if you’re using a $2 nail polish finishing your manicure off with a nice top coat will make a huge difference. I have a mantra about top coats, “A good quality top coat will make a cheap polish look elegant, while a bad top coat will ruin the most expensive polish”. Especially good: all of the mentioned top coats.

If you aren’t using a top coat at the moment I really hope this article will change your view. If you’re already using a top coat, then share this article with your anti-top-coat friends. Together, we can make this world look glossier and smoother one nail at a time!

-Maria, xx

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