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sonailiciousSo many announcements happening this week on SoNailcious! First there was our new book, The SoNailicious Fuzzy Nail Art Guide and now we’re announcing two new features!

1. “Ask SoNailicious”

We’ve been receiving a great number of nail related questions. So instead of answering all these questions individually we thought of putting together a special feature “Ask SoNailicious” and answer those questions publicly on SoNailicious every second Sunday. That way all of you guys who may have the same nail dilemma will benefit. Or, if you have your own solution, you’ll get to share your knowledge with others :)

How to ask a question? Easy! You can comment on this post, email Maria at editor@sonailicious.com, Tweet us @so_nailicious with a tag #asksonailicious or message on Facebook. Whichever is easier for you!

2. “SoNailicious Wants to Know”

Oh yes! We have our questions too. There are so many controversial nail related topics and grey areas that it would be difficult or even impossible to give just one answer. So to look at the different aspects of various issues, we’ll be asking you to share your view in our “SoNailicious Wants to Know” feature. This feature will be alternating with “Ask SoNailicious” feature and will be every other Sunday.

So let’s get the ball rolling today:

Ask us a question! Anything about nail products, nail care, nail polish, manicures or nail art tips. What would you like to know?

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